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Amelia Saul

Amelia Saul is an artist who lives in New York.

Ellie Ga: Quarries

The world of Ellie Ga’s Quarries is almost entirely after the fact, in a time when current events have hardened into history or dissolved into personal memory.

Bang Geul Han: If You Grind The Threshold of Three Other Houses

To Han, the funny-not-funny is a vacuum, a vertiginous and politically demagnetized area between two people who experience the same phenomena in radically different ways. You think Han’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) is funny, your girlfriend does not.

Amelia Saul and St. John the Evangelist (ca. 1410)

Donatello’s extraordinary St. John the Evangelist, the center-point of the Museum Of Biblical Art’s Sculpture in the Age of Donatello this last spring, is a Trojan Horse. Donatello works his way deeper into thought for days; he troubles.


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