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Beau Sia and Adriel Luis

On Being Honest [Side A]
Beau Sia

better know why
you truth
in this era of

world let's truth
get snipered
for propaganda.

men fearing truth
keep legislating for death.

haters hate truth
with a vengeance.

snuff it in the nail salon.
call the cops to kill it.
try to burn all evidence
truth was ever here.

here we are,
letting their lies
lead us away.

from the scale of war
in deception's heart.

from the data
think tanks weaponize
into normalize.

from the character
disguised by
false proclamation.

who are we
to trust the truth
with murderers
who are powerless
without terror?

who are we to keep
lying to ourselves?

that the truth's
consequence is marked
for the harmful.

that a truth
will change a grifter's way
by mere expression.

that truth
not a sacred gift
only for the worthy.

show no cards
that will cost you
the game.

relay no strategy
to those who've
labeled you enemy.

protect what's
honest within
from all that profits from
destroying you.

be honest with yourself,
before your truth gets
marketed against you.

may you wield trust
to find those who will
honor your truth.

may you harness
its power in community
cherishing this gift.

may you feel
what truth becomes
when no longer
in service to liars.

may you raise up truth
until butchers no longer
set the narrative.

may you remove all false
embracing responsibility
you have to the truth.

On Being Honest [Side B]
Adriel Luis

so we into multiverses now hah?
turning reality like a kaleidoscope
letting the candy-colored chips fall where
they may

must've finally cracked
the cheat code for
infinite li[v]es
a billion marios 1-upping in
a field of green mushrooms
it was all a pipe dream tho

if we can't live
forever then
let's just
multiply like crazy
a quantum infestation
a hive of selves
just me and meiosis
endless possibilities aching
to be colonized

everybody got their
own truth
like thumb prints
keep pressing hard like that and
u might leave an impression
deep enough to suck
us all into your dimension

maybe that's the point
of all this
when opinion is the enemy
belief is the battleground
mufuckas get defensive
grips on their realities with
fingers on the trigger
keep ur head buried
don't look around
or else
might just get sniped from
a different perspective


Beau Sia

Beau Sia is a poet based in Los Angeles, CA.

Adriel Luis

Adriel Luis is a poet based in Los Angeles, CA.


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